git-browser – main [download]

Read-only interface for git repos


The application is configured via environment variables:

  • GIT_BROWSER_REPOS (default: "."): a comma separated list of repositories to show
  • GIT_BROWSER_DEFAULT_REPO (default: first repo): the default repo to show (the last part of the path)
  • GIT_BROWSER_PORT (default: 9090): the port to use
  • GIT_BROWSER_DEFAULT_BRANCH (default: "main"): the default branch to use
  • GIT_BROWSER_PREFIX (default: ""): the URL prefix to use


  • Add math rending via katex. Default to CDN, but add option to base url option to allow using locally hosted files


  • /src/static/htmx.min.js:
    • Copyright (c) 2020, Big Sky Software
    • Licensed under BSD 2-Clause "Simplified" License
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